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    Hi, I have searched, but can't semm to find any info. I just got the 755, and when I go to the IM app, it takes me to a website with an error 404. What am I supposed to do to get it to wirk?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki View Post
    Hi, I have searched, but can't semm to find any info. I just got the 755, and when I go to the IM app, it takes me to a website with an error 404. What am I supposed to do to get it to wirk?

    I have the same problem. When I first got the phone I clicked on IM and set it up just fine. Long story short, I did a hard reset. Now when I click on IM it gives me an error 404 pointing to some webpage:
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    Me three!
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    Same here. Is this just a problem today?
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    Ok, figured it out. Log into your sprint account and click on digital lounge where you will see the IM app. Have it send the link to your phone and download from that link.
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    Thanks bvd1147! This was driving me crazy.
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    Does IM uses text messages?
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    Hey Guys,

    I logged into my Digital Lounge, but I am not seeing the Sprint IM app?? I currently see the Sprint Mobile Email one, but no IM. Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Oh Yeah...


    From my understanding and what I've read, this app WILL use your text messaging. Make sure you have an unlimited txt plan or message sparingly
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    I can't find it in digital lounge?
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    I think I searched the word "messaging" in Digital Lounge and it was only one of two apps that came back. It doesn't say "Palm" or "Treo" or anything....but it said "free" so I tried it and it worked.
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    Hmmm that's strage because yesterday, I followed applications/communication/chat&messaging and it led me to the IM app. It's definitely not there now. Sorry.
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    I got it. Go to the Digital Lounge - type messaging in the search at upper left. 3 program appear the first one is free. It's the one. A total waste of time though. Sprint tech support can't help you. The only thing they can do is offer to help you do a hard reset which I don't believe would help because I tried to load it before I loaded apps.
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    This program crashes on me a lot... but its basically network related... my treo always gets disconnected then it'll start reconnecting to Power Vision again... it happens A LOT...

    ANyone else with this problem? or is because Sprint here sucks?
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    So my IM app stops working like so many others out there. I finally give up and take the 6wk old phone to the Sprint Repair shop. After an hr and a half with my phone the tech has the following brilliant advice. The 755 doesn't come with that app... Yep, we are all imagining that our phones have IM. He said he opened one out of the box and it isn't there. It doesn't exhist according to Sprint either. So it is just a case of mass hallucination. I've removed and reinstalled the app and still the same error code. It was working fine one day and not at all the next. I am now considering running my phone over with my truck and paying $50 for a new one. Anyone else have a better solution?
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    I believe I figured this out - For some odd reason the Sprint built in app will not work on a name that is also an AOL account.

    This was driving me nutty that I kept getting the 404 error but my nephew was here yesterday and tried his name and password that he uses for AIM and it worked! I asked him if he also had aol email - no.

    So for a test I set up a new name not part of my old (now free) AOL account.

    And yes - it works like a charm.

    Makes no sense and for me without the AIM name I have been using for years, is a bit useless, but for me, I have a reason why some work and some don't and now can focus on why this doesn't work with a name associated with an AOL mail account. Hmmm.
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    I was guessing that it had something to do with the name itself. Does your new account that works have a screen name that is shorter than the one that doesn't? Does the old one have capitals (though I think AOL is case insensitive for the screen name)? Anything else notably different between the two screen names??

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    I tried all my AOL screen names - one with 5 letters. None worked. None have caps.

    The name that works - an AIM only name, uses the same password I use on one of the AOL names and that includes numbers.

    For me - I can say that any name that is part of my AOL account will not work with the sprint AIM app.

    A name not linked to my AOL account with the same amount of letters and the same password will work.

    That is odd.
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    I gave up on this app... its too buggy for me...

    Try Mundu guys. Its great! plus it has a file transfer feature.
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