My Verichat account just expired from PDA Apps and now I too am looking for a new IM app for my Treo 650. I tried Mundu but it does not allow me to recieve an incoming phone call while Mundu is running (ie. connected to the internet), Verichat allowed for this in their design (although I still missed a few calls every now and then if Verichat was polling the IM servers at the same time a call came in).

I don't have an unlimited SMS account with Sprint, so I'm looking for a IM app that is not based on SMS but also allows in-coming phone calls while the IM app is running (in background).

I couldn't find anything in the Help section of the Gizmo web site that answered this question nor the QuickIM website. Those that use either of these services, can you recieve incoming calls while the IM app is running in background?

Are there any other IM apps to consider? Thanks in advance.