Hello everyone,

I've upgraded from outlook 2003 to outlook 2007. Downloaded the Outlook 2007 update for Palm OS devices and every time I would sync, the error "crypt32.dll is incompatible" and it would freeze outlook 2007 and have to detect and repair outlook 2007. So I uninstalled the update and and downloaded the trial version of PocketMirror 4.0 which support outlook 2007, and yet again, find the same error message of "crypt32.dll is incompatible". I then took a look at the trust zones and eliminated any security settings for accessing outlook info. Still no luck. Since crypt32.dll is a C:windows/system32 file that belongs to Crypto services, I thought a repair and install of the OS will help, but again, no luck. I even renamed the mapi32.dll and ran fixmapi.exe to create a new mapi.dll, but again failed.

I am just looking for a solution to sync my Treo 650 (verizon) with my outlook 2007 contacts and calendars.
I want to make sure it works before purchasing the product that's why I downloaded the 7 day trial of the Pocket Mirror Basic Outlook Sync.

If anyone have any ideas, please help!

thank you so much.