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    Yeah, the last client I used on the 700p worked ok, except for the aforementioned notification alarm sound bug and a couple of other details, but it did the job. The 755P is a different story though...
    Same boat here. worked [with a few bugs] on 700. Very buggy and reduced functionality with the 755. Basically not usable for me, hence the switch to Good.
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    Thanks everyone for imput. I am 650 user who loves biz-con except when My PC pukes and I am out of office. I normally have someone go in an reset. Recently when we get a power hit, I have had to download whole BC app and get new keys--strange but no big deal after tech support walked me through what to do--just dumb a user must do this but benefits out way the costs.

    I really want to get out of this mode with a new 755 and have BBerry type pull email vs pushing from my desktop. Based on these threads--versamail with Active Sync on our hosted exchange server is an option or use the Good solution and pay for it as noted above. Sales guy on the road who depends on email to stay in business. Will investigate before I buy 755.
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    Have any of you tried the older (instead of newer) version of Biz connect? It is version 6.6. It works much better then 6.7 on a Treo 700p. It isn't as flashy though.

    Here is a link:
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