View Poll Results: Why do you still use a 650?

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  • Reliability/ Problems with the 700 series

    19 15.97%
  • Cost of the newer Treo's

    33 27.73%
  • No particular need to upgrade

    89 74.79%
  • Form factor- i.e. the antenna is a plus.

    6 5.04%
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    Curious as to why some of you still use your 650.

    I do because it has been pretty solid, and the cost/ problems of the 700 series has made me have a wait and see attitude.
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    Basically there has been no reason for me to upgrade. Every model since the 650 have had only minor upgrades (in my opinion) (other than the WM upgrade) that haven't given me any real reason to upgrade. If they had introduced WiFi I think I would have upgraded by now.

    Right now I'm actually looking at non treo phones to upgrade to. Maybe the HTC TyTN. But only just looking right now.
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    I used mine until last week, so can I sneak in an answer??

    thanks!! LOL!!

    I had no plans to upgrade - the phone met all my needs. It was a reliable portable brain. I rarely was online - i needed DateBk, Handyshopper & healthfile.

    I had issues with the Sync port, i figured well - better see what else is out there. I was "ok" with them replacing it with another 650 - as long as it worked. It didn't so i requested a 700 (hey, it was worth a shot!). It worked and i have it.

    EVDO, ya, it rocks. The subtle upgraded apps are nice, but overall - the form-factor & ergonomics of the 650 were nicer. But this one Sync's AND i don't have to talk on speakerphone.

    But would i hesitate on another 650? Nope..... it was a good phone for me.
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    I never had the 650. I had the 600 and jumped into the 700. My 700 isn't a total disaster but it wasn't no where as stable as my 600. I should have gotten the 650 and maybe I would be with all the others who stayed with the 650. I have two friends who have 650's and don't plan on upgrading anytime soon. should have kept your 650!
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    Got the unlocked 650 a while ago, it does almost everything I need(play movies on my TX). Why mess with near perfection?
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    For me basically, I would love to upgrade but have no idea to what. There are more opinions here than tea in China.

    I want EVDO, ability for data/email and phone to work at same time, worried Palm will die, want SERO plan ends Nov, wonder what the next great thing will be - I don't think it is Foleo and of course something that will not break the bank. In addition to world peace, end to global warming and a full head of hair.

    Any thoughts we be welcomed.

    PS We have a better chance for everything but a full head of hair.

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    With a custom ROM, PXA Overclocker and an 8GB SD, the 650 has plenty of memory and faster than any other smartphone. I would miss the 320X320 screen if I went to a 750 not to mention the investment in Palm OS software. short term, the only thing that would make me upgrade is a 3G GSM Palm OS Treo.
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    I am eligible in december for an upgrade on verizon, but don't know if I want to go with the 755 or buy a leftover 700, etc. I want my BT to work with the newer versions, and I love the palm os. BTW my company was sick of Treo 700w's and went to the new BB, and 2 have been replaced within a week. There are problems with every device.
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    Waiting for a POS (or Linux based POS clone) Treo with 3G GSM radio.
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    I upgraded to a 755p about 3 months, ago. Faster internet access was one of the biggest reasons and it really delivers.

    Recently, I began using my 650, again, since I got a gps navigation package that works with Treo's (and laptops). I can still use my 755p for it, but no multi-tasking means every phone call interrupts my gps session. That's a pain, sometimes.

    Anyway, that's my primary use for my 650 - for gps navigation. I can keep my 755p on my hip, while the 650 rests in the windshield mount and stays connected to my gps receiver. I love it.

    This is one of those things, however, that makes windows mobile look a little better, to me.
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    I'm with aprasad. I'll upgrade when there is a POS 3G Treo I can use on T-Mobile. Yeah I know, when pigs fly...
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    Everytime I see POS I think of something other palm operating system.
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    Answers #1, 3, & 4... but especially #1.

    This is the dillemma...
    "Everybody Palm!"

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    The antenna is a plus.
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    How is the antenna a plus (besides giving you something to grab onto when pulling it out of a holster or something)?
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    Well, from the poll options, I went with #3. But things I really like:

    - Battery life
    - Ability to customize through modified ROMs (huge for me!)

    My gripes (which aren't enough to cause me to upgrade yet):

    - low-res camera
    - no 3G
    - likely no Foleo support at release
    - cramped memory (but mitigated by custom ROMs)

    And I'm not interested in Windows Mobile, so anything I do upgrade to will be PalmOS based (of some version or another!)

    Quote Originally Posted by cadman
    Everytime I see POS I think of something other palm operating system.
    Me too. I think it's quite an unfortunate acronym.
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    I am pretty much pleased with my 650, I have insurance so I'm able to get a replacement when I need to.

    The only thing that would really make me upgrade would be a flash on the camera since I take a lot of pics and I would not need to carry around my camera for good pics.

    Also, the Vision plan can get scary when you switch over. I like my $10.00 a month plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    Everytime I see POS I think of something other palm operating system.
    Point of Sale?
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    I have been waiting some significant advance from PALM. I was waiting for Windows Mobil 6 phone where there is no loss of screen resolution. Then when Palm announces Linux Version coming out first of next year, I decided to wait for that phone. My next phone will not have the old Palm OS. The Treo 650 is working well for me now, so I just wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hooman515 View Post
    With a custom ROM, PXA Overclocker
    Same here. Can't overclock the other phones, so why upgrade? My 650 runs at 507 MHz all day and it flies. No lag whatsoever in anything. The browser sucks on every Treo, so why upgrade for faster Internet? Chatter works fine on Vision. I have no need for more RAM with PowerRun installed.
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