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  • Reliability/ Problems with the 700 series

    19 15.97%
  • Cost of the newer Treo's

    33 27.73%
  • No particular need to upgrade

    89 74.79%
  • Form factor- i.e. the antenna is a plus.

    6 5.04%
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    I began my Treo experience 12-2003 with a T600. January 2006 I went to the 650 (Verizon), and have had excellent results. I sync with windows XP Pro onto my Gateway laptop, and everything is smooth.
    However, a Verzion 755p with Rev A could cause me to move forward. I recently bought a new laptop, HP dv9500t with Vista and hesitate to even attempt to marry my 650 to that machine. Perhaps if & when I purchase a 755p.
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    The antenna besides being a nice handle to grab also seems to be the place that takes the brunt of my drops and then the bottom of my phone. I would like a 650 that had more available memory. I have 14 mb free with custom rom, but would love if they re-released the 650 without the bs apps.
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    I don't see anything out there that offers what I want to plunk down $300-$600 dollars for an upgrade. I want a new phone but until I find a better match, I have no contract and $20 a month unlimited data with tethering and 1500 SMS and 200 MMS. I have taken apart my treo several times to clean around the screen, I am thinking of painting it, maybe look ghetto, but it will seem new.
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    I agree with Knockz. There hasn't been any Treo that has any major improvements or enhancements to make me get a new one. Heck they can't even up the RAM to 128MB but keep it around 64MB. If the TX can have 128MB why can't the Treo have that amount of RAM too? No Wi-Fi is a huge factor. I'm sick of waiting for any real upgrade from Palm and like Knockz, am looking forward to a Win Mobile like the HTC Advantage or other HTC models but with touchscreen. I can't see myself being the very few who feel this way.
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    Maceyr, I agree.
    I mean I don't use my treo for data, but if it had wifi I probably would. If a standalone palm can have it, I can't believe that carriers would lose a lot of money because it is limited, etc. My 650 is a solid brick, and the only reason I would be compelled to upgrade is because of just getting a newer model. I think it would be cheaper to pay Assuiron 50.00 for a replacement which probably would be a 700p.
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    680 battery life blows, waiting for HTC Kaiser to switch to WM6.
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    is there anything better available? after fiddling with the rom, plucking good stuff (sdhc compatibility etc) from other device roms, the 650 is just fine until something proper (with wifi and flash lite and all) comes up.

    and i love the antenna
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    the reason I haven't switched is I'm not done tweaking it yet. unlocking, unbranding (from 1.51 FW, 1.17CNG to 1.17fw, 1.20-ENA), several custom ROMs, FAT32, SDHC, select network hack, fast mode blazer, even got Linux working (kinda). and there's gotta be more tweaks/hacks out there somewhere. not to mention that it was only $50 from Cingular (after rebate).
    my wife has a 680. if I had that one, I would be so bored after the first couple of days. she loves it so she can keep it. gimme my 650 any day. there would have to be a MAJOR upgrade such as wifi, 3G, and/or Linux (fully functional of course) to get rid of my beloved 650.
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    I am less inclined to upgrade because of programs like dialbyphoto, etc which give it a refreshing interface. Other than the battle scars at the base of my phone I love it!!
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    Wasn't aware of the program PXA Clocker until reading this thread. Installed it last night, and now my 650 runs constantly at 468MHz.

    At 507MHz it crashes constantly.

    Overall it feels a tad faster; except that in Media, the speed of photos showing up is faster in a way quite noticeable.

    Effect on the battery life seems negligible.

    If no major problem appears in the next few days, probably will pay for the Pro version. So don't have to re-activate it manually, and apps on the card can be speed-ed up as well.

    Seems a bit OT.

    Nice weekend to all.
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    I'll chime in as well. I actually ordered the 700p upon release, but ended up canceling the order the next day. Couldn't justify the $400 expense...boy am I glad. I know not everyone has had horrible experiences, but the fact Palm pulled it's own firmware release and the upgrade problems people had, it didn't seem worth it.

    Along came the 755 and it looked like a 700 redux minus the antenna and a couple of new color schemes. I've had my 650 since Oct 2004 and while it's not perfect, I see no compelling reason to upgrade right now. I flirted briefly with the new BB 8830 Worldphone, but jumping from my $10 PV plan to BB $45/month plan, no thanks.

    Unfortunately, I think my next phone will be something other then POS. Not crazy about giving up Datebk6, VC, 2day, 4cast, TakePhone, etc, but eventually all good things must come to an end. So, like my other fellow 650 users, I'll continue to wait for the next great device.
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    I just spend my money on other stuff (guitar stuff).
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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    How is the antenna a plus (besides giving you something to grab onto when pulling it out of a holster or something)?
    That is exactly why it is a plus! The antenna is a small knob which does no harm to the form factor in my opinion, and it makes it convenient for popping the 650 out of my Seidio holster hip-clip. I'm assuming that the newer Treos pop out of their holsters on demand without antennae knobs, but big stinkin' deal.

    Of all the features that folks complain about for their Treos, the knobby antenna seems like the most trivial of them all!

    -- Josh, pretty happy Treo 650 owner (who won't upgrade until the iPhone gets a Palm OS simulator running on it!)
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    I need a gsm phone, must use ATT, the 650 works great, I tested the 680 for my IT dept ...... I did not like the battery life or the re-designed thumb - directional - navigation thingie, I kept moving the selection when I was trying to select.

    and I want nothing to do with the 750 that ATT offers, windows.... ugh

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    Jeffi welcome to the forums.
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    It just happened to me that, Palm the company, the OS is so disappointing in these few years.

    The latest Treos are more or less "refreshes" which could be called Treo 650 Rev B/C/D...

    See how many apps are still being actively developed for the Palm OS right now; compare it to 3-year ago. Pity, just pity.

    The loyal Palm users are hopeful that the steer has finally changed, but so as the tide.

    Couldn't Palm just get its act together, and fix the problems which should have been fixed a looooooong time ago...? 700P anyone? Vista support anyone? THEN start developing for the next-great-thing Foleo whatever...?

    At this particular moment, I'm not hopeful that Palm will survive for long, I begin to think that the Treo 650 will be the last Palm device I own.

    I know that there can be lots of reasons and/or excuses. But, it just happened to me that my next device may run WM or ALP instead of whatever-is-baking-inside-Palm.

    Just some random rant.
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    There's no treo that's significantly better than the 650 to warrant the money in upgrading. I'm hoping the 800p is going to be something worthwhile upgrading too. A 2 megapixel camera and/or a 320x480 screen would certainly make me jump to a new version of the phone. But until something significant happens to the product line, as long as my 650 works, there's no need to upgrade.
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    Just my .02 on this topic.

    Since December 2004, my Treo 650 has been a trusty device. Once I was able to get Blackberry Connect working on this thing (May 2006), I haven't thought about another POS phone.

    Everytime a new Treo version comes out, I wait to see if BBC will run on it...the answer is always nope. I know Cingular (ATT) has some sort of BBC app that will run on a Treo model (don't know which one though)...and I've been on SPCS since `01 and I like my plan and service.

    Until a new Treo model comes out that I can run BBC on or I switch jobs where I don't need a BB, I'm sticking with my Treo 650...still kickin' after almost 3 years
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    why upgrade?
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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    How is the antenna a plus (besides giving you something to grab onto when pulling it out of a holster or something)?
    Isn't "something to grab" reason enough? Another reason could be that the antenna looks cool.

    - mvk
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