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    I've got a Treo 700w that works great execpt for the fact that I'm trying to sync it to a mac. I've got Pocketmac but I'm having a huge problem with it and the costumer support is horrible. Anyone want to trade a 700p for my 700w. The 700w works on the verizon network so I would like it if the 700p worked with verizon as well.
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    You know what. I'd be the 1st to snap to that trade. But honestly I wouldn't want to burden you with my 700p let alone someone else's 700P. I'd give a lot of thought to that. But hey. if you get a 700p and it does everything you want then god bless ya.
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    Why, what would the burden be?
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    Read around hard in the 700p board.. and BTW Welcome to TreoCentral!

    If you read my chief complaint here:

    You'll get a GIST of whats been happening in the 700P world. Read carefully, Being a 700W user you don't have as many issues as we do.

    The biggest thing aside from all the freezes,lags, random resets, less then satisfactory bluetooth is DATA. Since the 700P MR update its been a show-stopper if you are a Data user on either of the networks. Im on replacement phone #2 now (others have been to as much as 7). Havent been able to connect to the data network for 3 days now. If you don't need Data I welcome a Trade.
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    As a Mac user, I have to say that I think you have another option. The Missing Sync has a sync client for Windows Mobile also. Perhaps this would be worth a look? Mark Space Software is the name of the company. I've had good experience with their Palm client, and zero experience with their Windows client.
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    I use Missing Sync for my new 700wx and it works great. You can even install USB Modem from Mobile-Stream and enable USB tethering between your Mac and a 700w/wx. Plenty of options, I wouldn't move to a p model if you paid me right now.
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    Missing Sync has been great for me, although I can't speak for the Windows side of it, since I'm using a 700p, which, by the way, has run great since day one, both before and after the MR. The only problems I've had with it is the tone after the MR, but, it's livable.

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