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    Twice today when I opened 2day it opened but there was no information in it. Just blank space. I have it set to rotate to KSDatebook (the month view) and that didn't even appear. When I tried to make an appointment in 2day, I got a message that said something like "no calendar database". However, if I opened the native calendar app, everything was there. I did a soft reset, everything was back in place, but several hours later it was gone again. Didn't have time to do anything, but it seems like it spontaneously reappeared. At the same time, Chatter appeared to be having some problems syncing with my Exchange server, which syncs calendar and contacts every two hours. I subsequently manually synced through Versamail and it synced fine. Anyone ever seen anything like this before? I suspect it was related to problems syncing with the server, but if so, why was the native calendar info present?
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    This happens to me when EAS does a calender update. Usually switching to another screen and then back makes everything returns
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    That's happened once or twice in the past, just as you said, but in this case it just never came back....until a soft reset....
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    Is it possible 2Day references the old pim database (DatebookDB), for backward compatibility? Even tho the Treo uses the newer pim (CalendarDB-PDat), it will automatically create a "copy" in the older format (DatebookDB) after each soft reset. This is done because some programs aren't written to access the newer format. If this is the case, however, I'm not sure why the database is getting deleted or becomes unreadable.

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