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    My treo froze a few weeks back and I took it to a Sprint store because I didnt know what was wrong with it. They told me they had to do a hard reset. I said it was ok. When I got it back I had a game application that wasnt there when the treo was new, it was some sort of game. But ever since then my treo hasnt been the same. It has dropped more calls the past 3 wks than it had the previous 6 months. I never did the MR update to the treo because i read a lot of ppl were complaining about it. How can I check if the SPrint store did it for me?
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    What I'd do is go to the phone menu.. Do the pulldown menu.. hit the "I" on the keyboard a look at the Software:

    it should Read Treo700p version #. if you have 1.10 that means you have the MR update. If you have 1.08 you don't have it. I checked my co-workers phone today who has sprint (Im on VZW) and was able to see it. He has never applied the MR update which takes about 30 mins to install.

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