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    NFL are some streaming apps and sites that must run on your desktop, as there is no player for Treo as of yet (don't know if there ever will be, but)... shows that there are a couple of players sopcast and tvu player that you can use in a browser on your DESKTOP...question is
    Will ORB, or another service like ORB be able to stream a streamed feed? I know ORB will stream or feed media that is ON my pc, like mpg or avi...but, is there any app that can take this stream from sopcast or tvuplayer, and send that on to my Treo.

    Does anyone know of ANY apps, or feeds that will work natively on the Treo, even with Kinoma? BTW, Kinoma does NOT work with these sopcast ir tvuplayer links..already tried....must have the app on your local PC, and then you have to open in a browser.

    Radio feeds for NFL also can be found at

    Looking to be able to stream LIVE NFL video in any way possible to a Treo 700p with Kinoma...THANKS!
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    The NFL just announced a plan to sell radio feeds via the website. I would be willing to bet that NFL radio feeds will no longer be available on the web, other than through the NFL. Sad, but true.

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