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    Well, I have called and e-mailed about my phone not putting calls through to my bluetooth headset, while in the Seidio car cradle. All of this occurred after I had the Verizon tech install MR 1.1. I have tried soft re-sets, system resets, hard resets, and Palm sent me a replacement phone. Nothing has helped this problem.

    Latest phone conversation with Palm Tech Support is that they have elevated the issue past Level 2 Tech to Engineering. They may call Seidio to discuss the problem with them, and then are supposed to call me back within 24-48 hours.

    I have specifically raised the safety issue, since I have to physically take the phone out of the cradle while driving down the highway to answer the call, or to make a call.
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    Call from Palm Tech Support yesterday said the problem was that the Seidio Car Cradle wasn't Palm compatible, and the problem was with Seidio. So, what do I do now? Any recommendations for other GPS Car Cradles? Who makes the one the Palm sells?


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