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    Has anyone else ever received this error?

    The phone (Treo 650 1.13 SPNT, running will not send but can receive email etc. I checked the GMC for a suspended state but it reported that the email was NOT suspended.

    I then hit send/receive and went into the debugger and this was the message:

    Trans1: failed to encrypt data
    GDS1: GdSecKeyRotAES failed to encode

    A reprov works to solve the problem but it seems to happen every other day. I'm just wondering if there is a deeper issue that this is pointing to.

    Any ideas?
    Last edited by jrinehart; 08/07/2007 at 10:46 AM. Reason: NOTE: When I say "suspended" I really meant "flow controlled"
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    Any other devices in your installation having the same issue?
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    Noticed it on the 650, 700p and the 755p. Most notably on the 650 and only 4 other occasions on the 700 and 755 combined.

    The same 4 users went from a 650 to 700 then 755 and all had the same issue. I uninstalled and removed from the GMC and deleted the user cache folders and reinstalled, with the same result. Good seems to work for several days then it just stops.

    Very strange since it is only happening to a handful of the 196 users that I manage.

    Thank you GoodGuy for any help or insights to find the cause/solution to the issue.
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    What version of GMM, what carriers?
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    Carrier: Sprint

    Just in case, Exchange Server 2003 SP2.

    Anything else that I've forgotten?
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    Sounds good. Let me fire off an email to support and engineering and see what I can find out.
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    Any word yet GoodGuy?
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