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    I have a very large mailbox in the office. We use IMAP. Before the update, I'm able to send/receive my emails just fine. After the update, about the 4th day or so, I stopped being able to send/receive my emails. I get the following error message:

    "System Error Out of Memory!"

    So I deleted my office email account in my 700p. I then recreated it...same problem. I deleted it again and this time, I named my office account differently in VersaMail. Same problem. So I deleted both office accounts and gave up. After a couple of days, I see both accounts show up again in VersaMail. I deleted them again, and they show up again after a couple of days.

    How do I wipe out VersaMail data files and just start all over?
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    Go to [ and search for solution id #36541 It will tell you how to reset vesamail without a hard reset.
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    I tried didn't work.

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