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    In the beginning I used the out of the box software to sync my Treo 700P with outlook. However, that software had the bug/feature of constantly duplicating entries that it decided had changed in both outlook and the palm. The worst problem was with weekly events that had alarms. Every week it would duplicate the event. This got pretty tiresome after a while.

    I then used Intellisync. This synced a lot better and handled recurring events with alarms without any issue. however, periodically it stopped syncing and gave an error message. According the support DB i had to remove various files in the conf directory and resync. This was barely tolerable but better than duplicating events. However, I just upgraded to Outlook 2007, which is doesn't support.

    I'm now back to the sync software that duplicates events. This makes me want to toss my 700p and get a SmartPhone that has sync software that actually works 100%.

    Has anyone out there found sync software for the 700p that works well?


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    Chapura has KeySuite and PocketMirror XT. Both work very well for me.

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