I am a newbie to Treo phone (pretty familiar with Palm though, back to the days of Palm V). I have just started to use a Treo 755p. Have a couple of questions:

1. I got dropped calls a couple of times during some long wait for customer support calls which is really annoying as I have to re-start the long wait (Sprint customer service is terrible.). I suspect it was due to the alarm and activities caused by reminders, chatteremail alert etc. (not sure) My question is: Is there any program that will disable everything alarm, nagging reminders, email alarm, etc, except phone related stuff (another incoming call etc.). Anyone have dropped call problem with 755p?

2. Is there a program that can disable all network connection and stays down until I re-enable it (or better yet, have a timer to shutdown the connection for a certain period time.). I am in NYC, when I am in subway, there is no signal. However, the Treo still try to access the network with all the background application going (mainly chatteremail).