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    can someone tell me what the scoop is with the blazer lag issue? I have a lag but not when exiting or anything. This seems to be more of a hang on sending. I'm getting it on On Demand too I think. It's harder to tell there though since there's no status. A google search just stays at sending for 30 seconds or more. Sometimes fails to load page altogether. I just called in to have them reprovision it, but they say our changes will only take affect in a few hours. That true?
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    for reference I went back to edit this post. when sending it took 29 seconds to fail. Another 29 to fail again. Then another 20 or so and it went. Then took over a minute I'd guess to loadthen changed page.
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    Check out this thread...

    The flush 2.0 program at the bottom really helped me!
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    I'll check that out. At this point I can't even get it to do a mobile speed test from dslreports. This is after a hard reset and a provisioning....

    something is fishy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavis55 View Post
    Check out this thread...

    The flush 2.0 program at the bottom really helped me!
    Flush doesn't sound like it does anymore than clear the Blazer cache when it reaches 40%. Shouldn't be any better than clearing the cache on Blazer exit...except that you will have the cache in case you go right back into Blazer.

    The other change the guy made was limiting cache to 2M. That seems a bit small.

    People with lag issues, How much free memory do you have internally. That could also be an issue.

    The other lag issue can happen when the network is slow. People have been reporting network problems in some areas. There was at least one thread on calling Sprint to update 755p's with some new network info, but it seemed like it eventually cleared up for most people after Sprint was done their shenanigans.
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    OK. I downloaded the program. However, I don't think I should need that with a hard reset right? Doesn't it erase all anyway?

    After a hard reset and re-provisioning, going to google results in unable to load page. dslreports comes up, but it can't test due to length of time to respond.

    Think my phone is junk?
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    ok. called sprint and they went through it all again including a factory reset. That didn't work. So they removed the data plan, then put it back on and it's fixed now. He said my account showed all the signs of being boogered up and causing the issue whatever that means. If you're having connection issues, I'd suggest you start with that.

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