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    I have been struggling with my Treo like everyone else. No matter what I have done (hard reset, restoring from NV backup, new user profile, even a new Treo), I keep having the same problem - eventually blazer will lose it's connection constantly. IT IS NOT COVERAGE OR THE NETWORK (I know this to be true). It will connect quickly for the first session, but the next time I launch blazer, it will just sit there like the network doesn't exsist. I have to constantly turn off and on the phone to get it to connect.

    To rememdy this, I have tried all of the above. The only possible link I have found is with VersaMail. I recently did a hard reset and installed only certain programs from NV Backup. I slowly added programs back in and did not run Versamail. This seemed to work. However, because I don't understand all the file names that NV backup lists, certain programs I restored did not work b/c they were missing something. I simply deleted those programs and planned to install them from scratch later.

    I tried to do this today by syncing with my laptop, but apparently, I did not restore the device name/profile to my Treo when using the NV backup. No sure how to do that or make that happen. Anyway, the sync restored my treo back to the last hotsync I did on 7/16. I DIDN'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN! How do I restore files/programs one at a time with the correct profile name, without having the hotsync do a restore of the device?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    As far as the network problems go, its probably this:

    For the hotsync restore, you can change the settings for each conduit to "Handheld overwrites desktop" if you just want to back the information on the treo to the computer, or "Do nothing" if you want to skip that conduit for the next hotsync.

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