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    When I first got the Treo I set preferences to manually set the time to save battery power. I noticed a couple of times that it was off by hours so I set it to have the date and time set automatically. When an alarm didn't go off when I expected it from BugMe I checked and it said it was 12:47 PM. It wasn't- it was 2:24PM. Anyone ever had the time go off like this? I had plenty of battery power so it wasn't that.
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    Ruh Roh...that doesn't sound good. I'm not noticing any time issues with mine. Any chance a computer you are syncing with is out of whack?

    P.S. I also have and use BugMe! installed. I used it for an alarm today and it went off when expected.
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    I have read that some 680 users had this as well. Apparently it may have something to do with taking the battery out for a soft reset or swap, which I had done.
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    I did an experiment where I deliberately set the time wrong. In Prefs I had it set to have the date and time set manually and then turned the phone on. The time corrected right away. If somehow changing/swapping the battery or a reset does put the time off, using this setting does fix it when you are hooked up with Sprint.
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    I remember reading a while ago that the date and time only truly updates when the radio connects to Sprint; it doesn't constantly update. Something to keep in mind.

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    I can definitely confirm that the time was off after I swapped my battery. It said 9:37 AM when it powered up and it was 12:06 PM. I connected to the network, having the auto update on, and it corrected immediately- saw it do it.
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    I have my phone auto set the clock. With using the keyshades hack to turn off the keyboard lights when I don't need them on, I save enough battery power that I can do anything else I want during the day and have a full charge.
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