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    I am trying to hot sync my treo to my lap top. No problem on my desktop. When I use the CD download, I get this error: "Notifier file C:\program\Pal/PAcAG~1\NP install.dll cannot be found.

    I even tried downloading from palm website. Still the same error! Help!
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    I assume this error happens when you are trying to install the Palm Desktop software on your laptop - What version is the OS on your laptop?
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    windows xp. I used to hotsync my old 650 on the lap top so I know it can be done. I deleted EVERYTHING palm and tried to re-install the download and get this same error. Thanks for trying to help!
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    Hmm... are you sure that the old Palm software is completely gone? check in Add/Remove programs for "Palm" If not there, you may need to look through the registry for palm stuff leftover
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    I did check the add/remove programs and it is gone. I have no idea about registry stuff
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    to check the registry:

    go to start -> run, and type "regedit" and press return

    look in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE for PalmSource, and in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE for PalmSource or PalmDesktopAutorun

    if any of these entries are there, deleting them might solve your problem - but be careful, because messing up the registry can be painful

    Also, you might want to check in "c:\program files\" in windows explorer, and see if there is still a palm folder there.

    If the registry entries aren't there, and the palm folder isn't there, it sounds like the old palm files are totally removed, so thats probably not whats causing the problem.
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    I forgot that I got that I got this error when re-installing Palm Desktop a few weeks ago. I've been going nuts dealing with duplicate entries after a Hot Sync and having deleted items return. Must be related...

    I remembered that I got the error when I did another re-install today trying to fix the above problems.

    Anyway, got the same error again and hot sync wouldn't even install, despite removing Palm Desktop and folders in Program Files. So, I deleted the new install (again) and as suggested by TJSunDevil went into the registry to check those files. Instead of deleting them (too nervous) I just renamed them and installed Palm Desktop again with no issues. After that, I then went back into the Registry and deleted the previously renamed files since they were created again by the fresh install.

    So far, so good. Now to see if my Sync issues go away...
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    that worked!! THANKS !!

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