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    I had a situation today where I was on the phone talking, with my treo plugged into the wall charger. All of a sudden the screen went dim. I could still see the OS but not very well as it was really dim.
    I noticed the Treo felt warm so I unplugged it from the wall and opened the back. The battery was really hot. So I pulled the battery out waited a minute or so and put it back in. The screen was still dim even on bootup at the access logo and the palm logo and was still dim on full boot up.

    So I then pulled the 2100mah seido battery out, put in my original battery and everything was fine.

    My guess is that somehow this thing was overheating with the seido 2100battery installed and charging via the wall socket while I was talking on the phone. When I had first plugged it in the battery was about 75%.

    Ive never had this happen via the car charger or the wall charger until today. Could it be a problem with the extended battery or something?
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    All the treos since the 600 do that, when it gets too hot it will dim the screen i guess to prevent the screen from getting damaged, same thing happens if you leave the treo laying out in the sun for a while, nothing to worry about its a safety mechanism. Once it cools down after a few minutes or if you reset it the screen will go back to normal

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