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    I've searched and searched but can't find an external antenna for the Palm BT GPS unit (see pic)

    The BT unit has a VERY small port for an external antenna, but I can't find one anywhere. I bought a Garman antenna from BestBuy, but the connector was too big for the port. (and it was small)

    Anyone know where to get one? I want to hide the antenna under the dash and install the external antenna for a more built in look. Anyone know what kind of connection port that is? Even ratshack didn't know!

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    I found this, but am unsure if it is the right connector, it's an MMCX???
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    OK, here is a picture of the actual BT unit with the connection port shown referenced next to a penny and an 1/8" "mini plug", for reference only. Man is this port small.....

    I'm just going to order an antenna with the MMCX plug...will report back so others searching will have an answer..
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    If you pop out the battery in the GPS unit you're talking about in your post you'll find its made for Palm by Holux. I suggest you search for an antenna made by Holux...
    Try something like this:

    Good luck.

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