Anyone else having problems using skweezer recently?

It's suddenly decided to split all my Blazer pages into 4k chunks, making it basically unuseable for many sites, since you keep having to click on "next" to bring up the next smidgin of the page.

The option of changing the size of "chunks", or of not using them at all, is given in the Skweezer settings but skweezer doesnt remember them for me. Even if I login to my skweezer account on the PC and change the settings there, it still reverts back to the default, ie 4k. (Palm would be happy to know someone else thinks so highly of 4k limits).

Ive changed all my Blazer settings so that cookies and cache are now turned on, and emptying cache on exit is turned off, but no luck.

There was apparently an upgrade to skweezer on Jun 18, but Ive been using skweezer daily since then and I only noticed the problem yesterday.