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    Had the phone in my pocket and it called someone twice from my favorites list. They heard both sides of the conversation I was having, but I never placed either call. How could it hit the phone button, turn off keyguard, scroll down my favorites list and place 2 calls to the same person? I found this out after the fact. The person who had received both calls eventually called me to say "what's going on?". I thought that they were making it up but they quoted dialogue that they couldn't have known if they hadn't been sitting with me. I checked my phone log and sure enough there were the 2 outgoing calls!

    Anyone else have this happen to them? How could it occur and how do you stop it? This could be very embarrassing. HELP!!
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    that is weird and scary
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    That has happened with my wifes phone several times. It happened with the 700 and the 755. She keeps her phone in her pocketbook (I think it is purse for all of you southerners) and on several occasions the phone has called me from inside the pocketbook. She too did not believe me until she checked her call log and I told her what I heard.

    Crazy... We have tried to figure it out, to no avail.
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    Do you have a quick launch key enabled in speed dial?
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    An excellent example of the value of a good case. Juggling around in the pocket can cause it - happened on my 600 and since then I have always used a case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    An excellent example of the value of a good case. Juggling around in the pocket can cause it - happened on my 600 and since then I have always used a case.

    True. I used to keep my 650 in my back pocket, and whenever I sat down, my b'cheek would dial random people.
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    It still makes no sense to me. There are too many steps needed to make a call. How does being in a pocket or purse cause the sequence of events to occur? And in my case how did it happen twice in a matter of minutes and both times to the same numbber? And why did it stop?

    Some really smart Treo owner out there must have the reason and the solution for permanent protection from it ever happening again.
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    And btw I have no quick launch key set or anything out of the ordinary on my 755. Longstrider isn't it odd that your wife's phone phantom called only you several times? If this weird behavior happens how does it happen on the same number?
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    My wife is a nurse & this happens all the time with her 700. I'll get a call & it will be just sounds...from her pocket! Not sure why or how, but it does.
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    Making unwanted calls is the single biggest concern I had about finally getting a smartphone. So, I've eventually found this combination ensures these kinds of calls don't happen:

    - I've used LudusP to remap my "Green" and "Phone" keys to something innoculous ("Owner" and "Calc", respectively)

    - I use "Butler" to enable the two-key keyguard

    - I use "TakePhone" as the primary dialer, and have disabled almost all one-tap dialing options, plus I have it set to automatically enable keyguard after finishing a call. (I think that last point is relevant, 'cause an incoming call disables keyguard, so it's possible (guessing) that might be how youse guys' keyguard was turned off, then you made an automatic redial by pressure holding down the green key (IIRC))

    Not only does this mean that not anyone could just pick up and use my phone, but I've yet to make an unwanted or accidental call this way.
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    When my phone made the 2 phantom calls it didn't redial my last number. And I didn't have any incoming calls to possibly trigger the turning off of keyguard. It just chose one of my favorite buttons and called it twice. But the 3 calls I had made prior to the phantom calls were to another of my favorites. Why did it arbitrarily choose this number? Is Palm or Sprint aware of this? How to get to the bottom of it?
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    BroTwin is that fav showing on the phone screen itself? One of my favs does. I wonder if it is showing if somehow it got pushed or triggered. I had something similar happen one time with someone I had hung up with and apparently I thought keyguard came on and it didn't. That call was to the fav that shows on the phone screen who I had just finished speaking with.
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    No, the fav button it called is not on the phone screen. It's several favs below the phone screen. The fav that is the first to get pushed once my keyguard is off is the top left one on the phone screen which is my contacts button. And if you push my contacts button accidentally it goes to my first contact which happens to be a business who's name begins with a number. That was never called accidentally!
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    Does it ever make a call outside of the pocket? If it does not, then put it right back to something bumping the keys. If it does make a call just sitting there with nothing touching it, then there is a problem. My 600 did it only in the pocket and after putting it in a sturdy case, no more problems.

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    I have owned a 600, 650, 700 and now a 755. Never used a case and always keep it in my pocket. This has never happened before. Others seem to have had this problem as well. There must be more to this than just a key bump. It needs several bumps in a correct order to accomplish this feat. And others have said that this happens to them from the same person at different times. Any real technical answers out there?
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    Key bump was my problem on the 600 - stopped as soon as I put it in a sturdy case.

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    I've had this happen maybe once. It is definitely a key bump unlikely as that sounds. You know because it will ONLY happen when it is jostling around in the pocket....never when sitting on a shelf.

    It never happens to my phone when it's in it's case...only when I throw it in my pocket without the case.
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    I thought I'd put some life back into this thread. I'm now experiencing the same problem. I use the Palm Treo Bluetooth Headset with my 700p and I think that somehow I'm getting last number re-dial from the headset button getting pushed. I know I've read here that it's not supposed to be possible but I actually got my headset to re-dial on one occasion.
    This can be a very frustrating & embarrasing problem.
    Is phantom dialing connected to Bluetooth headsets? I don't think it's a button push issue on the Treo.
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    I keep my Treo in my purse and it phantom calls people from my recently dialed calls from the green button all the time. I can't tell you how many times I've been embarrassed by "Do you know you called me last night?" I don't use a case in my purse and the only way I've been able to fix the problem is to use Keyguard.
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    Phantom dialing by my Treo 650 happened to me all the time (and I do mean all the time) when I was using a vertical Nutshell Treo hip holster and a no-slip sheath cover for the Treo, which caused a tight fit in the case. Many many times, bending over even slightly at the waist would cause the Nutshell vertical holster to exert pressure on the Treo's green phone button and on the central button, thus resulting in deactivating keyguard and dialing my last dialed call. This not only used up minutes but under some circumstances, with bluetooth, it enabled the person I had last called to hear entire conversations live or even recorded on voicemail. This can cause serious breaches of confidentiality, so a fix for phantom dialing is definitely advisable. I could not figure out how to configure keyguard to prevent this from happening. This all stopped when I bought a horizontal hip case for the Treo 650. Now there is no button pressure when I bend at the waist, and there are no more phantom calls. Solution: Get a horizontal hip holster or a sturdy case if you carry your Treo in such a way that exerts pressure on its buttons.
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