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    I've heard some people say that the HTC Titan would do this (sitting on a table, so no buttons were accidentally pushed), but I've never seen this on a 755p.
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    I get pocket calls all the time from my buddy that also has a 755p. His phone randomly unlocks and he also uses ultimate phone with the picture dialing and so when it unlocks it just hits my number.
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    I had this problem while on vacation in Florida. My phone called a friend's house and cell. He called me back saying "whats going on is something wrong." Keep in mind I don't think I have ever called this guy on my phone so a) theres no speeddial, b) wasn't in recent calls.

    Does everyone who is having this problem use Bluetooth?

    It could have been a bluetooth attack if you leave your Bluetooth visible.
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    I had this problem when 4cast would do a refresh and Takephone was the last program open before I turned the screen off. 4cast has to turn on the screen and update , then when the refresh is complete, it returns to the last program and the keyguard is supposed to turn on. For some reason this worked with every program on my 700p except Takephone, which is the worst case because you can accidentally call people. It never got resolved by the developer, but I just turn my screen off with other programs open to prevent this from happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BroTwin View Post
    Had the phone in my pocket and it called someone twice from my favorites list. They heard both sides of the conversation I was having, but I never placed either call. How could it hit the phone button, turn off keyguard, scroll down my favorites list and place 2 calls to the same person? I found this out after the fact. The person who had received both calls eventually called me to say "what's going on?". I thought that they were making it up but they quoted dialogue that they couldn't have known if they hadn't been sitting with me. I checked my phone log and sure enough there were the 2 outgoing calls!

    Anyone else have this happen to them? How could it occur and how do you stop it? This could be very embarrassing. HELP!!
    Hey, this is not a ****-Dial.... This is a real problem. I received calls from a new client at 1:02 and 1:14 AM about 6-monts ago and I did not answer... it repeated a few nights in a row.... she said she would remove my number from her phone to keep my business, but she did not call me at that time in the morning. Later that month I got a call at 4:ish It was another ghost call. Today I find that my phone called two people, one at 1:02 and 1:20 AM and the other did not know what time I called... but there is nothing in my log! My smart phone is an old Palm Treo and if new phones are doing the same thing, this crazy calling is in the network or a bug/virus in the phone. Did a phone reset resolve the problem for anyone? I am on the Verizon network.... (using Page Plus)
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