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    I'm trying to figure out in which circumstances an incoming call goes to voicemail. I have occasionally had a call go to voicemail while I was sitting and watching the phone. I assumed this had to do with accessing the network? Does this have priority over incoming calls?

    Almost every weekend, I'm in a relatively rural location that doesn't have Sprint service, but I can roam on Alltel. I noticed that if I set the phone to "roaming only", my battery lasts much longer than if I leave it on "allow roaming" when I am in a place with only roaming service. However, last night it appeared that had several calls that went directly to voicemail....and the voicemail icon never appeared. When I switched the phone to "allow roaming" I immediately got three voicemails from earlier in the day. Again today, at home on Sprint, a friend called, the ring started then stopped immediately. My friend said he was immediately taken to voicemail, even though I wasn't on the phone and it wasn't roaming.

    Can someone explain this behavior? It seems to be network and not device dependent, but I'm curious since I need to receive calls on the weekend.
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    It can vary on location. Roaming on VZW in E Central Indiana, text and VM indications are the same as when on Sprint.

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    I get a lot of missed calls when I have Telus that roams into the Bell network. Therefore, I edit the prl and remove all the "Bell" SID to force the phone to stay in Telus even with low signal.

    It seems whenever your phone roams back and fourth you will miss a lot of calls, check with ##DEBUG if your SID changes a lot.
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    Battery lasts longer when force of roaming because your device no longer has to keep searching for a better signal when on allow roaming option under Sprints network. If I have my phone in the basement where I get one bar for signal, my phone sucks the battery dry trying to find a better signal but when I force it to roam it lasts like it should.
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