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    is it only by copy and paste? itd be nice if it automtically launched if you go to a web page
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    It launches automatically for me and after closing Kinoma, it goes back to the Mobile Youtube sight where you left off.
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    I don't think Boo Boo is using the mobile version. Boo try, or The first one has just a few you tube videos. The second one is down every now and then.
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    Ok, I'm missing something. I have the upgraded kinoma and tried mobetube, but it still didn't work. Says "failed to open stream." What am I doing wrong?
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    This is the responce i got and it works great... or good enough... I find option 4 the most usful, in kinoma i hit my >menu button and >U type in my search and cool stuff comes up.

    """To play YouTube FLV files in Kinoma Player 4 EX you can do one of the following:

    1) copy and paste the link to a particular file into Open URL in Kinoma Player 4 EX

    2) access YouTube from within the Kinoma Media Guide -> Internet Video -> YouTube

    3) go to: which will launch Kinoma Player 4 EX

    4) You can perform some simple YouTube searches from within Kinoma Player, using the Open URL dialog and the YouTube RSS tag feature.

    The general form of search URL is this:<tag1+tag2...+tagn>.rss

    So for example, from within Kinoma Player, if you want to open a list of
    all YouTube clips tagged with "san francisco", you would enter this URL in the
    Open URL dialog:

    There's also a way to browse videos by user. You can read more about
    these features on the YouTube RSS page:


    Kinoma Support
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    My Kinoma Media Guide doesnt work for me. All of a sudden Im getting an error 404-Not found message. Anyone know what this is?

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