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    I have a Treo 650 and want to use DUN to connect a Gateway laptop to the net when i travel. What is the best PC card to use? Is USB a better option? Much obliged in advance!
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    I bought the Linksys BT adaptor and it worked great. I may be willing to sell it, although I'm not sure where it is now. I switched to a MacBook and it has built in BT.
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    Any BT dongle that uses Widcom drivers will work.

    I have used a Kensington BT dongle for at least 3 years with zero problems....

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    Thanks. IS the linksys the USBBT100 usb adaptor? If this is usb 1.0, won't the speed be 11mb/s?
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    Yeah, I guess it is. I think they only make one version of it. What's the maximum speed of the Treo though? I bought it because it was a Class 1 (I think that's what it is) and thought the extra power would be better. It was expensive though, but it allowed me to do reverse DUN, and that's really what I was after (don't ask why, geek factor, I guess).
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    I like the Billionton card.
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    the linksys USB-BT100 gets INCREDIBLE range. I get whole house reception, like wifi. I can update my parrot bt handsfree system in my truck that is out in the driveway from in the house
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