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    I'm just much memory do you have left? Am I out of control, the norm, in trouble?

    What do you think is a minimum amount of memory one should have in order to keep the Treo running smoothly?

    Is there a way to get Versamail to use the SD card for e-mail instead of handheld memory?

    So how much memory do you have? I have 23.8 M.
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    45 and I wish I had more. I am being much more selective now but there is a lot of stuff I would like to add still. You must be a mindreader French. I was gonna do a thread on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathearder View Post
    45 and I wish I had more. I am being much more selective now but there is a lot of stuff I would like to add still. You must be a mindreader French. I was gonna do a thread on this. have tons!! Nothing to worry about.
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    39.4 now that I am down to this amount...I WILL be more selective.
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    French compared to the TX I feel like I have so much less memory- that has taka memory so you can just pile on the apps.
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    I am at 40. I delete every email (well nearly every one - sometimes they are moved to another folder for a day or two until they are addressed) and every text message. I have a 1 gb card and have about 925 left on it (no songs or movies, just some pics of my kids).
    I too have been pretty selective. Not so much due to memory, although I feel like I should hold onto every kb. I just never know what will cause problems so it is best to leave it off.
    I think one of the apps I would love to add would be BugMe! However, I have read mixed reviews as far as what it does to the speed of the device as well as stability.
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    I have 27.5 free... Should I be concerned??? I felt like that was a lot... How do i find out if there are things i can clear???
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    amc I have BugMe and as far as I can tell it is stable for me. I try to keep my note amount down. I have not seen any lag from it or instability. If you get it add the PopMe part- it works really well for screen capture. The latest version 5.24 is here:

    The only downside is it does take some bigtime memory. Like you I feel like I need to hold onto every kb.
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    10.5 MB Free. I have all the apps that CAN be on the card. I am using LinkStart to run the apps on the card. I don't use /palm/launcher for running any app (Resco Backup copies itself there).

    I have all the apps that what to run without pause in the RAM.
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    43.5 meg on Treo and 1.6 gig on 2 gig card
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    20.1 on the phone and 209(megs) on my 4 gig card.
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    25.4 on Treo and 1.6GB on my 4GB card.
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    Cat - that is somewhat of a relief about BugMe. I'm still a little skeptical I guess. I usually put all of the todos and everything in DateBk6 so that they show up on a today screen and also after a Butler alarm goes off it just pops that screen up to show what is going on that day.
    It would just be handy to jot something down with a scribble versus the keyboard during the day.
    I'll think about it and maybe give it a try. I think I saw how big it was and that was another reason I held off.
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    amc I don't have Butler so not sure how that app and BugMe would get along. Have you considered trying Diddlebug which is free to see if you like this type of app? I have read it works on the 755P, and I have used it on my TX. The only real difference is that BugMe has color which I am partial to.
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    What apps can run from the SD card... What do you have to do to accomplish this?
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    I usually have about 22ish free internally. I don't run any apps externally.

    A lot of what drops it to 22 is cache/data from web, e-mail, google maps, on-demand, avantgo, java(?), etc. The two biggest apps I run are probably Scrabble (the dictionary is huge) and probably the whole Java set up; Java uses so many files and the filenames are so useless it's hard to tell what it really takes up.

    I think if I clear every cached/data bit out I get just over 30 (not including the java).

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    Cathearder - I used Diddlebug back in the days of a Palm Vx so that is why I would like to go back to having one of these programs. They are pretty handy.
    I think I noticed just the other day that neither program had been updated in a long time. I think that is one of the stumbling blocks that I have.
    I don't understand why (among other things) Palm would take that Notepad application off of the Treos...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavis55 View Post
    What apps can run from the SD card... What do you have to do to accomplish this?
    The ROM apps or the native Palm apps (contacts, datebook, etc.) cannot be placed on a card or moved to a card. Other things will generally work off of a card such as games, ereader, dictionaries and some apps. A lot of times when you are browsing the software descriptions it will tell you if it will or won't run on a card.
    GoogleMaps is something that I think can be placed on a card, but works better and communicates with the contacts app to look up addresses if it is placed on the phone instead.
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