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    I wonder if someone can help? My Treo 650 all of a sudden became quite hot and then the battery drained away within 2-3 hours with very little use. I charged it again and it took many hours to charge it. When disconnected from power the Treo got quite hot again and again the battery drained away within 3-4 hours with no or minimal use. I changed the battery to a new Palm Treo battery. Again exactly the same problem of the unit overheating once disconnected from Power and the battery drains away within 2-4 hours. Can some one explains why and is there a solution. I might try the third battery but fear the same outcome. There must be some other hardware problem that I cannot sort out.:
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    Sounds like something is keeping the transmitter on. A new program, perhaps?

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    A battery going bad will also exhibit the same traits. Ben
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    Disable/remove software which might use data service (e.g. email clients). If nothing will help eventually, make a backup and do a hard reset and see if this behavior persists. If 100% clean device makes this thing again it is most probably hardware problem with Treo (because you say that tried several batteries).

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