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    I wanted to really do this upgrade to my 700P (Sprint) for a long time now but have been hearing too many bad things. So would it be safer to bring it into my Sprint store and have them do the upgrade instead? At least that way, if it messes up the phone, they are responsible for it and not me.


    I can do it myself, hope it screws my phone up, and then bring it into Sprint so I can get a new phone (hopefully a 755p). But what are the odds of that? That would be the optimal decision. What do u guys think?
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    All I can say is, you must really have a crappy phone to even consider the upgrade. If you don't have huge lags and massively failing Bluetooth, I wouldn't go near it....and I didn't.
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    From what i've read - i wouldn't do it!
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    Unless you BT doesn't work well, I wouldn't do it.
    Now I have "Bad Battery Drain" every couple of days.
    The Tones are there even when on mute.
    Good Luck
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    I only want to do it so that I could (hopefully) get the 755
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaysonR View Post
    What do u guys think?
    Since you asked.....

    Quote Originally Posted by JaysonR View Post
    I only want to do it so that I could (hopefully) get the 755
    I think you are dishonest. Honest people would sell the 700p and BUY a 755p.

    From what I hear, Sprint may be on to these tactics and are sending people to Palm for a refurb 700p replacement..

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    The MR update killed any hope of my 700p connecting to broadband. Since I had already gone through 7 other Treos this year under warranty -- yes SEVEN -- Verizon gave me a brand new 700wx.

    So far I'm loving the 700wx -- it's everything the 700p isn't, mostly for the better. The best part is that the 700wx multitasks and I no longer have to wait for the phone to do its business before doing mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaysonR View Post
    I only want to do it so that I could (hopefully) get the 755
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    NO NO NO to the fashion show.. (from south park)
    Dont do it.. Don't conform to the MR. You've been warned

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