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    With my replacement 700p I have run into a new issue that I have never had with a Treo. Several times in the last week I have had this new/refurb unit the touchscreen has acted up and I have to go through the touchscreen system setting to recalibrate it. This happens under normal use.

    Has anyone else ran into this with the new MR and or with a 700p?

    When I turned on my replacement unit it was already set to English and the initial setup had been done so I did not bother. I noticed that the touchscreen was a little flaky until I re-calibrated it. It uncalibrated again a couple days after and then again today.

    Just trying to determine if this is a MR or hardware issue. I hate to send this one back since it is working so well for me.
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    I noticed the same thing with my refurbished unit. Never had this problem with my original unit, even after the MR, although I only used it for a few days. Sounds like an issue with certain screens.....I also noticed that my replacement unit has a yellowish screen while my original one was much whiter.
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    I have noticed the same problem with my post-MR 700p, but only after it resets (which it does much more frequently than pre-MR). I had no problems with this pre-MR. Is your phone resetting itself prior to the screen calibration issue?
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    I had the same issue post MR.
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    No screen uncalibrated while I was using the phone to make calls etc. Was rater annoying. Actually only the bottom of the screen was messed up and I was unable to click on DONE and CANCEL buttons, had to use the 5-way. I was going to soft reset the phone, but thought I would try the touchscreen re-calibrate and that fixed it. The phone had not been/reset for several days since I tested the Soft reset application and the day before the phone was turned off and on several times while I played with my old phone (only one battery), but not reset or reset itself. I have had zero resets of freezes in a week with this new phone, other that ones that needed to be done like when installing software.

    One thing I was doing prior is that I was using TomTom navigation which heats up the phone since I turn the screen up to full and it is a pretty intense application anyhow (will drain your battery in a hurry if you don't plug it into power) and it was warm in the car yeserday. Prior to this the phone would not go to full brightness (I have noticed that the Treos do that when warm). That is where I first noticed that the touchscreen was acting up since I could not click on DONE once I adjusted the display. I let it cool and go back to normal before I tried some more.

    Typically my old phone (both pre and post MR) would reboot itself after I had used alot of bluetooth I.E. used the headset alot, done several DUN over BT sessions, enabled/disabled USB Modem a few times, used TomTom several times. This would happen an average of once a week and then once a day,or more, with MR. It was one of the many issues that prompted me to get a new phone.

    At least I know how to fix this without resetting the phone, but if it happens during a call or while trying to use the touchpad for VRU stuff that would suck.

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