My dad gave me this because he decided to get a blackberry instead. Im a verizon customer and use windows mobile devices on verizon so I dont plan on hooking this up to any cell phone service. I was able to create a "bluetooth access point" by using a virtualmachine+bluetooth serial port+a ppp router, and that gave me internet access. However, blazer wont surf to any pages without the phone being on, which of course doesnt work because I dont even have a SIM card. Basically, I just want to know what hacks/mods I can do on this thing to make it a little more fun to play with at home without cell service but with my bluetooth internet access? Im all for modding it as I just dont reallly care if it breaks or not since I dont really use it much. Ive surfed around a bit and found a couple custom roms, but they dont really seem to offer anything all that interesting like the custom wm5 roms for the apache... am I looking in the wrong places? Do legal issues keep you from telling me where the exciting stuff is?