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    Saw this over at

    Apparently they've managed to get a functioning Linux OS going for the Treo. It uses a program called cocoboot to shut down garnet and boot linux from an SD card (Opie). Looks pretty sweet...I'm thinking of trying it. Anyone else?
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    You can try but they havent built a dialer or interface to the phone yet. The most you can do on it is just use it as a PDA and maybe to access the web.
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    I tempted to try this on my Treo 700p, has anyone else tried this?
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    i tried it on my 680, but it didn't work. cocoboot just sits there.
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    Did you put Opie on your SD card? Cocoboot is just a bootloader
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    I will have to try this out later when I get the chance. can't wait to see how it works. anyone have any luck getting it to run?
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    I have been working on this for a few days now... can't get anything to work with cocoboot. has anyone had any luck with the 700p?
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    I tought the hackndev site crashed.. there is nothing there
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    Got excited for nothing it doesnt work. The website doesnt help either....

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