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    Finally! I got all the quirks worked out in my Missing Sync.... Except the Notebook.

    When I try to sync Notebook with my Memos on my Treo, I get a sync error message that I have too many categories in my Notebook. It says Palm can only handle 16, but I have 10. And when I try to delete all the categories, Notebook just regenerates them.

    What is going on and how do I fix it. Weird. Has anyone else found this problem?

    I really want to use the Notebook. It looks 10 times better than the Palm Memo Pad.
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    I agree the new markspace note application has problems. You may want to just go back to the Missing Sync version 5 memo application. Myself, I am using entourage for Missing sync 6 and the memos seem to be ok.
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    I'm working through it with the MArk/Space guys. I'll consider both solutions if this doesn't work. The Notes App would really help me. The Palm Desk top version is ugly beyond use.
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    After my first computer in 1980, an Apple IIe, I have been stuck in the PC word since then. Today, I finally made the switch and love it!!

    I had heard of Missing Sync, so purchased it as I am running WM6 on a750v. Did I make the right choice, or is there something better/easier out there?

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    Well, my first shot with Missing Sync did not leave a great impression. Its somewhat confusing, you're not sure when its supposed to start syncing (I think with TMS you are supposed to launch the application first and then connect the device) Bluetooth is not clear on how to set up. The notebook part did not seem to work at all. Finally, it erased all my information, luckily, I still had everything on my Vista Laptop.

    Even ActiveSync was easier than this. Am I missing something (pun intended)
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    Technical support at Missing Sync resolved my problem clearly and efficiently, and I am now using it. Next up to see if I can get the Bluetooth sync working.
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