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    I always clean my cache in blazer manually. I have 1k in the cache that does not seem to want to clear out. In the past it has always cleared to 0. It shows as clear when I do clear it manually, but when I bring Blazer up again it shows the 1K. I checked to clear it on exit and it does the same thing. How do I get rid of whatever it is holding onto? I can tell it is doing this as my free space shows as 43%, and if I could clear it out as in the past, it would be 44%.
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    I'm wondering if it is something else as I don't think 1K of memory would take you from 43 to 44%. 1K is really small, right? So it wouldn't think it would have that big of an impact to gain a whole percentage point....?
    Not sure - just thinking out loud.
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    The 1k is probably your home page that comes up, when you start blazer. It instantly puts your home page in history upon blazer start.
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    I dunno AMc- it did seem to make a diff before. Maybe I was right on the edge. Oddly after my hard reset I went from 44% to 45% free after I restored. What is odd to me is that was the backup from the day before and I was remember I had 44% at that time.

    Yanno matty that makes sense. I hate not understanding things and that helps!
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    Also, do you hotsync a lot? If you don't, your data bases tend to grow, and grow. They will eat your memory up. Hotsync often will keep them under control. The extra loss of memory is probably a data base that needs to be hotsynced.
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    I actually have it purge everything everytime I close Blazer. Speeds definitely improve.
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    Matty I hotsync every day. The app screen freezing was just the oddest thing. I had the calendar screen do that once but I was messing with Fontsmoother and I knew what I had done, so I undid it and all was fine. I am mildly suspecting FS as it has been said it can cause a lot of weird resets. There is a new version but I am waiting to see how it does with the 755 before I try it. Treos seem to be more sensitive than my TX was. I only had like 2 soft resets on that from Mobipocket.

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