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    why did they do away with the alarm's ability to 'ring every' few minutes? Example- On my 650 I was able to set an alarm that would play it tone anywhere from 5- 100 times, and I could set it to do that every 3,5,10,15 minutes if I wanted. I can not find this function on the 750. Anyone have any answers?
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    Press the home button, then go to Preferences. Under sounds & alerts go to the drop down menu next to ring tones and select calendar and use the repeat option to pick how often you want it to repeat.
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    Thanks for your reply- but there still isnt a function that tells the alarm to repeat every 3,5,or 10 minutes. Does anyone know what I mean? Any other solutions?
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    I dont see how to set what you want, try Butler. It has an attention Grabber feature I use all the time and is fully customizable!
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    Or look at Datebook+, from Pimlico Software. Dramatically better than the built in calendar app.
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