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    This is my first post on this forum, as I am not sure where else to turn for help.

    I recently purchased a Treo 680 for use on the ATT network, and am trying to use Chattermail as the email client. While I can receive email messages just fine, I cannot send them. Neither the staff of the store where I purchased the 680 nor the ATT wireless support staff have been able to help me.

    I am using for the SMTP server. I believe the the remaininig required fields (Login Name, Password, Ret'n Addr, Full Name) are fine. But maybe they are not. SSL is not enabled.

    Can anyone help me with this?

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    The information below is based on former Cingular Wireless* settings, which may have changed. For the latest information, contact AT&T.

    With legacy AT&T Wireless accounts, you may have had two email accounts. One contained your former AT&T Wireless mMode username (, and the other contained your phone number ( If you don't already have an mMode username, contact AT&T for more information.

    Former AT&T Wireless accounts could not send emails from third-party email accounts; you needed your mMode email address to send mail. Under former AT&T Wireless settings, you would still be able to receive emails from an unrelated POP3 account, but any outgoing mails must be sent from your mMode email address. Contact AT&T for updates.

    Outgoing (SMTP) Server:
    User name: (none)
    Password: (none)
    *AT&T provides service for former Cingular Wireless accounts.


    My suggestion is to switch to fastmail. Their service is flawless and is highly compatible with Chatter.
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    I had the same issue when I switched to an unlocked Cingular 680. I finally solved it by goling to the FAQ page in the chatteremail section of the Palm website. The way I solved it was to go to the edit mailbox smtp area. In the bottom row there are a series of boxes. Make sure the box labeled no auth is checked. That should solve your problem. Good luck

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