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    Lately I've been thinking about a memory expansion module, but I'm curious to know how people are using them. What do you keep on yours? Anything that you really wanted to store there but found out it wouldn't work (i.e. it crashed)?

    Also, I'd love to hear people's thoughts on whether or not the 16MB Hagiwara(sp?) model is worth the $140 investment? Gotta admit, the thought of all that extra space is pretty enticing, but I'm just not sure if I'd use it.
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    I keep Mapopolis maps on it and use a Delorme Tripmate RX. I am waiting for a 16meg module that I hope to use to backup my 16meg Platinum.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    I've got Mapopolis, some games, and the Bible on there. I tried to move my Collins Spanish/English Dictionary over, but it crashed, so I just moved it back.

    I'm seriously considering the 16 meg springboard, also, but I don't quite need it yet. I've got about 52% memory left on the Visor, and about the same on the module, so I'm still in good shape.

    Basically, the module is great for programs that you don't modify.

    Hope this helps,

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    I have 53 programs on my 16MB Flash Module and still have over 6MB free. This includes:
    WordSmith (word processing)
    Mini-Calc (spread sheet)
    Several utilities
    Medical Reference material and medication calculators
    and 41 Games.
    I even backup my Visor to the Flash Module using Jackback.

    I haven't run into an application that I couldn't run on it, but the basic package that comes with the Visor is in the ROM of the system and can't be transfered. Also documents that you want to edit can't be on the flash. If you just want them as "read only" then its fine. (I have only tried that with WordSmith, but I've had no problems with several large ebooks on the flash.)
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    My 8MB module has Mapopolis maps, TakeNote, WordSleuth, my 400K AOL software when I'm not using it (I move it back to my Platinum before I put in my HS modem), a few TealMovies, lots of games/small apps, an E-Book, and I think that's it. After all that, I have about 500K left. I was disappointed I couldn't have Avantgo or Fireviewer pictures on it, but thats OK. I only paid $30 for my module ($50 off at staples), so it was a good deal, but I can't see paying $140 for 16MB. Maybe you should get an 8MB, see if you fill it up, and return it after 14/30/90 days (Whatever the return policy at the retail store is)
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    I've got a pair of Mapopolis maps, about 15 novels, documentation for the PalmOS API, the Forth 89 standard, and lots of apps.

    I would seriously look at the 16 meg module.

    All computers have the same amount of RAM: Not Enough!
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    For the price, why not get a memplug (SM adapter) for $50 and 64MB SM card at for $47???

    I couldn't resist ordering that! I have always kept my Vdlx 6mb full with docs for work reference, mostly.
    But now, with my new Prism and splashphoto, I can not resist the idea of many, many slide show photos. While my Vdx worked perfectly, this new Prism has made me smile as well as provide efficiency.

    I look forward to the memplug and 64mb of memory. I hope to also add a dictionary program and thesaures, and maybe a spanish and german translation app...oh, the possibilities...

    note: I really -should- have purchased the auto charger and the ac adapter/charger for the Prism at ~~~~I'm not quite comfortable with a rechargable battery after the ease of 2 AAA in my Vdx, but I'm working with it.
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    I've got games, games and more games on my InnoPak 2V; Ace, Bang, Zap 2016, Chess, Galax, Hearts, TankPilot, and a couple of others. I also have Palm Reader and a couple of Ebooks. No probmes running any of the above. I've only got 334k left (1.9 mb on the Prism itself), and am seriously thinking about purchasing either the 8mb or 16mb flash modules so I can load additional apps into a module.
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    My 8mb flash module:

    -About 15 games
    -Jackback with a compressed version of every file in my ram, not including avanto docs
    -WordSleuth (this is a great app, not talked about enough)
    -franklin reader with the big dictionary (2.6mb db)
    -2.2mb free
    -Translate with the french and spanish databases

    I only wish Doc to go could run docs from the card (I have lots of uneditable ones using up all of my ram).
    Anyone know of a doc reader which can read from flash?

    The major handspring-is-lazy flaw in the flash module is that you cannot install directly to the module through the install tool (like you can with sd cards in 0s 4). Even that thinmodem+ comes with a ftp (usb filemover) utility which can be used to move files to/from the module. Any files on the module must be loaded into ram and moved to the module from there. This was difficult when I moved my dictionary to the module. Also, keep in mind if ANY FILE on the module has an error it will cause you to wipe out everything on it. Twice this has happened when an error occoured when backing up with jack flash. It takes a lot of time to move all of those large files back to the module. I would suggest not even buying a module unless you use backup buddy which can be set up to backup the module as well. this makes the price of worry-free flash module usage $110. Pretty steep for not being able to store editable databases there.

    the main reason I will not buy another visor when I upgrade is the cost of the flash modules. Compare the prices of the mmc's/ sd's in the m500 line or cf for the TRGpro and you will see what I mean

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