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    I just bought a 4GB SDHC SanDisk memory card and I cant get my 700WX to recognize it. It fits perfect, site I bought it from specifically stated its compatible with the 700WX, and its a real SanDisk(not a SanDisk immitation.) Everytime I insert the card into the slot, the 700WX makes a sound as if it recognizes a card. But when I check the card storage in the memory category, it says "memory not installed." Can I somehow convert this card fromSDHC to SD? What do I do?
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    The Treo 700WX is not compatible with SDHC cards.

    You need to get an non-SDHC SD card, such as the Transcend 4 GB SD from

    There is no way to convert an SDHC card to a regular SD card.

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