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    I have had the update for a full month now and that is as long as its been hell trying to connect to the network (takes me 4-5 lag times to connect). I called Verizon today and told them I dont think I should have to pay for my data as long as this problem is unresolved. They gave me a full credit for last month's data plan even though I was able to use it intermittenly. I am going to continue to do month after month until they have a fix since my Treo is basically a brick until they figure this out.
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    Hopefully if more folks demand a credit on their data it might ensure Verizon & Sprint put more pressure on Palm to resolve our issues ...
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    I was able to get them to credit me $30 of the $109 I spend on the 1350 minuted data bundle. I was told this last week. Hopefully if no one with a Treo is paying for data Palm and VZW will get their asses in gear and get this fixed.

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