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    I'm just wondering what the concensus is about a good .doc editor for my Visor? I'll be going back to school soon and would love to be able to write papers and stuff on my Visor. Right now I'm trying out MegaDoc, and it seems pretty cool, as I can view/edit .rtf, .doc, .htm, and memos. What is everyone else using? Is there something good out there for free?
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    WordSmith... not free but worth every penny!
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    I second Mark's suggestion of Wordsmith. Paired with a Stowaway keyboard, it's great.

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    I completely agree with MarkEagle. WordSmith is the number one application in my book. Combine that with the Stowaway and you have the ultimate .DOC editor. WordSmith is a full blown Word Processor that syncs great with MSWord.

    There is another application called QuickWord that you can purchase or their suite of apps called QuickOffice. I have never used this app, but I own WordSmith and there is no way I would give it up.

    Cutting Edge Software (QuickOffice)
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    Wordsmith all the way. It's worth the price in my opinion.

    I had/still have QuickOffice (QuickSheet and QuickWord). Great programs, honestly, but WordSmith beats QuickWord hands down.
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    I'll just echo that: WordSmith and Stowaway.
    In fact that is what I gave my son for his 18th Birthday. He'll be taking it to college in the fall.
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    I had already owned smartdoc, which was the predecessor to quickwrite, so I was able to upgrade for free. I can't compare it to Wordsmith as I have never used that program, but I think quickwrite is excellent with very easy synchronization between your docs on your visor and MSWord files on your pc. I've heard that wordsmith offers more text variations that synch with the document like bold or italic letters, but I've also heard that quickwrite is putting these type of features into their next version which would be a free upgrade if purchased anytime. That's my 2cents.
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    Wordsmith is well nigh perfect. Lacks only bullets, tabs, and robust tables. All are supposed to be on the way!

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