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    plz guyz, I'm in a big mess

    by mistake, I've just deleted the User account via Palm Desktop which contains alot of memos and contacts (damn important)

    above all, I've also hard reset my palm
    so plzzzzzzzzzzz, how can I recover this deleted USER from my PC

    urgent help plz, I don't want to touch anything till some good soul reply
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    Look and see if the file recovery programs that they use to get info back from deleted compact flash cards will work. good luck
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    the contacts and memo was on the Internal memory not the SD card
    I tried searching my PC with EasyRecovery to get that user back, but I was trying in vain (sad)
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    the user ID in the Palm Desktop was called (haitha) and there is a folder with the samer user name in the following pathway:
    C:\Program Files\Palm

    once I (mistakenly) deleted the user, that folder disappeared with all my contacts, addresses, memos....etc

    so is there any possibility to restore/recover it?
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    Do you backup your info in the PDA into the SD card?
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    If you don't use your PC until this is resolved, and get one of the PC recovery apps, you stand a good chance of getting a lot of the info back. I don't suppose you backed up your PC. For the future, this won't help at all, of course, you might get something like Backupman. You'll never have to worry about this recurring.
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    If you hard reset your Treo, The data is gone from it.

    Try doing a hotsync to get your PIM data (Calendar, Contacts, Memos and Tasks) back.

    The issue you have, should be no different than hard reseting your devise and syncing to get your PIM data back. In the case of hard resetting your Treo to clean it up, your Backup folder (the folder with your hotsync ID) would be renamed anyway as to not get the non PIM files back on your Treo.

    So, hookup your Treo, start Hotsync and imput the same hotsync user ID when prompted on the PC. This will restore your user ID and this should get your PIM data back onto your Treo. Then do a selective install of each app you use. Your net result should be your PIM data is back and your Treo will be running better.

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    I think he said he erased the data from his PC, and then hard reset the Treo, losing the data from both sources so that hot syncing won't do the trick unless he reconstructs the underlying data with a recovery app.
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    The program I used to recover files deleted from my PC is called AusLogics Emergency Recovery. It worked great to recovery my entire iPod collection that mysteriously disappeared when uninstalling another program.
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    Do what you can to recover the data from you PC hard drive. That seems to be you only and last option. Do create any new files on your PC until you try to recover the data. Files that you delete on your PC are not really erased until something else happens.
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    Do you haveWindows XP? If so, can you use the Restore program and restore to a point earlier than when you deleted the file? That is the only thing I can think of.
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    oh thanx guyz for the feedback
    yeah I recovered the folder (haitha) by the proggy (Recover4all-Professional)
    got the following strucure:
    address folder: address.dat , UiPrefs.dat , Unfiled.ABA
    datebook folder: datebook.dat , UiPrefs.dat

    tried to open or import them via Palm Desktop, it complain of Corruption!

    btw, my Palm is Treo 680, so how to fix those files? and should I rename the dat extension to aba for the contacts and dat to mpa for the memo

    what's matter for is only the contacts and memo

    Another Scenario is here:
    I checked my laptop, I found an backup over there from a month or so, I was happy
    I started resynch my device after the hard reset, but it restore many softwares including Skyskape and other stuff (which I'm sure there is the cause for the reboot loops!) so how to just only resynch for CONTACTS and MEMO HotSynch, I sat the (BackUp) to Do Noting in the Hotsynch but it didn't work, still there some garbage from Laptop to Palm is going

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