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    So I had a treo 700p that would give me a little green check mark when the text had reached the person. Unfortunately, it is being sent back to verizon because it was defective. Now I have my new phone, but can't get it to do the same thing. Any ideas? I've looked under preferences on messaging, and enabled the receipts, but they don't show up.
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    Help please.
  3. #3 must be on Verizon and I'm not, but I've read enough on this forum to know that that confirmation check (which Sprint doesn't have) caused lags and all kinds of problems, so I suspect they removed it from the upgrade.
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    Your replacement phone from Verizon has the new update. The check mark is no longer there as it is not available in the update. You can see the delivery time if you want using the menu key with the message you sent highlighted.
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    If you look in the "Sent Items" folder, the green check is there.

    If you select the message in question, receipt information is listed as far as date/time.
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    OH. This could bug.

    The 650 just changed color on the list - the 700 isn't going to do that?!

    I have the menu choice to request receipts though, and mine is 1.10.

    OK, so i'm going to have to adapt to the "new" messaging.
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