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    Can you use the extended battery back with the OEM battery and the 2100mAh battery? Just in case I run out of juice, do I have to lug around the OEM battery door or can I use the extended one with all batteries?
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    I'm sure you can - just fold up some dollar bills of whatever denomination and put them in there to fill in the space.

    Without the little foam thing and grinding the inside of my stock door, I am able to fold a $50 bill with the 2100mah battery and close it just fine - albeit a tight fit.

    I had to grind the "battery outline ribs" down on the inside of the door - this way the button could stick into the slot just a tad - enough to lock in place.

    Without grinding the door - the button wouldn't go into the slot and the door although snug could be slide off.

    You want to sell your stock door? OR your extended battery door? :-)

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    of COURSE you can use your OEM batteries...
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    Thanks the repliesJ I want to keep the door and the extended battery though-have a case I like to use with the Treo that only the OEM door fits. Why can't anyone make a nice leather case for the extended fit?

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