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    can i use the 755p as a modem for my laptop and or pc and use sprints network for the internet connection? if so how?
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    Quote Originally Posted by threecarsdotcom View Post
    can i use the 755p as a modem for my laptop and or pc and use sprints network for the internet connection? if so how?
    You can pay Sprint for their software and unlimited data and/or pay JuneFabrics for PdaNet.
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    OR use USBModem which works for me
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    PDAnet or USBmodem both work.

    Be aware that Sprint and Verizon expect you to pay for a data modem connection. When they see an excessive amount of data usage they have been known to disconnect the data service or the phone service alltogether. You WILL push a lot more data through a laptop then you will through Treo's Blazer.

    As long as you use is judiciously you should be when on the road. On the other hand, if you start using it everyday as your main connection to the web......
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    This has been working well for me:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim View Post
    I tried out the hack and it sent my phone into a never ending loop. I noticed that you may have had that problem too - how did you resolve it?
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    After my first experiment with it, in which I simply installed the hack then copied it to RAM, I waited until I purchased a miniSD card, installed it to the card, renamed it to PhoneInterfaceLibrary.prc (a step I failed to do in my first attempt) and then copied it to RAM(0).
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    I have two lines on my Sprint PCS account - one for my Treo 755p, and the other for a Sprint AirCard, the latter with the unlimited data option. If I switched to using my Treo as the data modem, would my throughput improve, worsen, or stay the same? My company pays the fees for the AirCard, so the cost is secondary here, but I'm always looking for a way to carry less equipment.
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    I got this installed this week and it works fine. I emailed it to my sprint email. Saved it to the SD card and then used rescoe explorer to copy it to RAM.
    I did not rename it though.
    I also went to the sprint website and downloaded the newest version of sprint connection manager. This one shows the 755P. the version that the CD links you to does not say 755P, it only says 700P.

    Anyway Im up and running and it works great.
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    Where does it "show" the 755 or 700 ??

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