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    I am in the process of deciding whether to sell my cellphone+LifeDrive+Laptop to get the Treo+Foleo combo for my mobile computing needs. I use my LD currently as my iPod, and when i'm out, i listen to music through it while doin my thing on my laptop.

    In lieu of this, a proper inquiry is can the 755p play pTunes while serving as a modem for my Foleo if ever? or is DUN on the Treo considered a separate app running, thus causing stuttering when pTunes is playing in the background?

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    can anyone give me an answer to this? i have to make the decision soon thanks so much!
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    ask this question again when the foleo comes out
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    ok. i just was wondering if anyone who has been doin DUN on their laptop now can play pTunes at the same time thanks!

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