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    Is out. What area of the US, is this update for?
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    I called Sprint tech support and had them flag my 755p for the PRL update. They did it and I hung up. Called *2 and it said that an update was being done on my phone and it completed. Hung up and checked the version of the PRL and it is still at 60608. Not sure what it updated but it sure was not the PRL.
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    i always seem to find I have to waite a couple of weeks after a PRL is released before the CRS are able to flag the phone with the newest one.
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    i am scared to update mine from 60608
    after the update on my treo 700p, my service went to crap
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    I never notice anything before or after a PRL update...?
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    What exactly is a PRL update?
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    It installed fine on my phone.
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    I'm with the poster above, what is this update? I got my Treo about a month ago.

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    "According to readers that have reported in, Sprint has issued PRL 60610. It is not known what Sprint has changed in this revision, however Sprint suggests all users update to the latest PRL.

    PRL 60610 is only for EV-DO Sprint devices that support roaming triangle. Only phones with a PRL of 60000 need this update. Sprint will be pushing this update to phones, but in case you want to get the update manually, call data support and ask for your account to be flagged for update.

    The PRL file has become increasingly important to keep up-to-date, as it has now grown to support features such as EV-DO data roaming. Most customers do not need to do anything, Sprint will push this PRL update to phones automatically."
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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    i am scared to update mine from 60608
    after the update on my treo 700p, my service went to crap
    did the update to your 700 brick the phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    did the update to your 700 brick the phone?
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    a PRL update cannot brick your phone... all a PRL update is is an updated list of acceptable alternate connections off the network (Preferred Roaming List)
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    how does Sprint push this update? I am new to Treo and Sprint so totally clueless on this.
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    You just dial *2 and it will determine if you need the update and put it on there. I am still at 60608 and tried it this morning and it did not do the update for me.
    If it does it will just tell you to hold while it does the update - you don't see anything or notice anything.
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    Thanks amc. This is all very new to me.
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    How do you tell which PRL you currently have?
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    NM - I found it!

    Phone App -- Options -- Phone Info
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    anyone notice on the 755 when you call *2 at the bottom of the screen it says press space bar for phone info?
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    Yep, somebody noticed that and placed it in another thread. It is handy.
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    Yes, that was I
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