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    Well, how has the update work for you? Is it an improvement over 60608? I believe it seems to not drop calls as often as before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scrupul0us View Post
    a PRL update cannot brick your phone... all a PRL update is is an updated list of acceptable alternate connections off the network (Preferred Roaming List)
    I had problems with a 650 or 700 after a simple PRL update - it didn't "brick" the phone, but munged it up and it didn't work properly after that leading to the need to get it replaced. Not saying this is common - but there is always a chance of problems when you update a computer, and sometimes you're the "lucky" one, so make sure you backup regularly.
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    do not upgrade to the prl 60610 i did it this week and im gettin horriable service, it like cutoff some of the roaming are. Because in areas where i had no sprint service i force my phone to roam and have full bars now even when i force it i dont get more then like 1 or 2 bars. because where i work im right near a verizon tower no all day I am gettin roaming there no service and almost all my calls go to voicemail. Does anyone know how to go back to an old prl I have tried a hard rest still no good. I have a 755p
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    I have heard some say they could get CS to flash the prl back on their phone. But I don't see how.
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    Version 60611 is available now.
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    Where is the prl stored in the treo. might it be possible to hack the prl and change it (customized it )so it will give us the best service???
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    how do you get the update?
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    call *2 ask for customer service, then other support. tell the cs person that answers you want it. hope they set it up right.
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