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    755p users: are you getting Error 3000, unable to connect to the data network? Us 700p users with the MR (software update) are having a real hard time with getting, and staying, connected to the data network, especially on Verizon.

    Here is the thread:

    Alot of us are hoping that when the 755P hits Verizon, we'll have a solution. However, there are some hints from people in the thread I've listed that the problem exists on the 755P as well.

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    I haven't had that problem but a lot of times the first website I try to go to in Blazer just won't go and eventually will say it can't load the page. Before Blazer opens the blue arrows are already there but they never light....when I retry the same page they light right up and it loads quickly.
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    i get about two a day. More often, the 755 just can't make a connection. That happens 3-5 times a day.
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    i had issue on the treo 700p and now on the 755, but havent gotten as many though on the treo 755
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    Never had it on my 755p.
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    The only time I get that error, is always on my first attempt to update my vision profile. The second attempt always goes through. ItalianG, I see you moved on with the 755p, as well. Much better phone.
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    yup, thanks for the advice on that phone, happy i switched, doesnt feel like a brick like the treo 700p, i love the hidden led light but one thing i dont like is the quality of the phone button/calendar/sms/launcher...instead of being individual buttons with individual lights they are in pairs of two and share one led, i guess that is something they had to do to make phone a little smaller, not a huge deal but looks cheaper looking and def doesnt light up and look as nice as the treo 700p

    no problem with the stylus, i just have to buy another one that has a pen on it, like the treo 700p, u interested in splitting a pack, lol

    they are pricey.. i also wanted to get a flexiskin for the palm treo 755. but they only come in 3 pack, white/black and pink, wanna
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    got it once, connected correctly the next time.
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    Only if I can have the pink. Read this in another thread. From a Sprint tech, says this will cure the net drops. ##3282#, then menu, then restore. enter MSL, then OK. After it returns to the phone screen, ##3282#, menu, update profile. He says this will do the trick.

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