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    This question is probably a little off-topic, but I'm not sure where else to post it so here goes. I've been using the ThinkDB program on my VDx for several months with no problems. Recently though, I began running low on memory and when I started thinking about it I realized that ThinkDB was taking up a lot of space for some things that I probably didn't really need on my handheld. For instance, I really like the StainsAway database, but obviously don't have all the laundry products I'd need to use this information unless I'm at home. Given this, there doesn't seem to be any real reason to carry this on my Visor. A desktop version would make much more sense.

    Here's the problem. Although ThinkDB has a desktop version of its software, it's not designed for solo use. You have to keep databases stored on your handheld to also keep them on your desktop. If I delete a database from my Visor, I lose it on my desktop when I sync. Does anyone know of any other "companion" DB applications that allow you to keep some DBs on your desktop only? Or are there any (relatively inexpensive) Desktop-only DB apps that also offer a good selection of free, ready-made DBs for download? I haven't ever needed to make my own databases, so a read-only program would be fine. Since I haven't had a regular DB prog before, so I'm not too familiar w/ what's out there. Thx in advance.

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    I haven't used the desktop side of ThinkDB but I think it's a M$ Access runtime. So if you have M$ Office I would think that you could export your TynyBytes to excel or a regular Access database and keep them on your pc.
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    When you "save" you can elect to save to a directory other than the backup directory. Under "File" use "Save as.." and put it where you want. If you hit save it'll put it wherever you opened it from.
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    Thanks to all--this is very helpful. Unfortunately, I don't have Access or Excel on my home computer so using those isn't an option. It's good to know that there's a work-around with the ThinkDB Desktop though. I haven't registered it so far because I wanted to find out more about this issue first. It still seems as though things would be simpler if there were a DB companion application that was specifically designed to work solo as well. I guess you're really supposed to purchase Access and the dbSync program for that functionality--was just hoping to find a cheaper way .

    By the way, for those who are interested, Thinking Bytes is currently running what appears to be an unadvertised promotion. ThinkDB Desktop and ThinkDB Palm for $29.95, or dbSync and ThinkDB Palm for the same price. They sent me an e-mail about it only *after* I let their demo expire without registering. Here's the site:
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    I've been in a similar situation; I want a Palm Database application, and have been looking between ThinkDB 2 and HandDBase.

    It comes down to liking the way ThinkDB works on the Palm better than HandDBase; but having some serious qualms about the quality of ThinkDB's Windows Desktop software.

    I currently have my databases in M$ Access on my PC. I would happily move my databases to a Palm format and drop Access, if the Palm Windows Desktop software were OK. But the complaints about ThinkDB's desktop software (and their dbSync program, which aims at synching directly to your Access database, thus allowing Access to be your primary Desktop app) have been pretty numerous since ThinkDB released 2.0.x. HandDBase's desktop software is supposed to be rock-solid.

    I'm frankly tempted towards HandDBase, just because I don't want to spend a lot of time and effort dealing with glitches in the ThinkDB 2.x PC SW. I'd appreciate hearing opinions from anyone who's had experience comparing the two.
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